Teaterkandidaterne is an art collective, driven by a group of volunteers with a strong passion for theatre and performing arts. Our ensemble of seven young artists gets together three times as week to create plays based on our various dreams and skills. We work within different genres but with the recurring themes of youth and urban theatre. Teaterkandidaterne is our platform to explore new and unknown territories and to follow our dreams. Our buzzwords are Openness and Curiosity, and welcoming diversity with open arms & facing challenges with a smile has helped us constantly develop as a group.  

Our main audience is young people. Being young ourselves, we can reach out to them directly speaking a common language. In our experience, many young people are looking to become part of a community – but a community which is not part of the establishment or the media: a community where you can form your own opinions – and stand up for them; a community built on love and diversity. With our art, we in Teaterkandidaterne believe that we can create such a community because art brings people together, and art is an alternative language that you may use to question the reality we live in.

Teaterkandidaterne cooperates with other young people with artistic visions and skills within music, photography, and web & costume design. This multidisciplinary cooperation helps provide a bigger perspective of the theme making it easier for our audience to relate to our work.

Our primary aim is to get young people to go to the theatre; to show them that there are alternatives to the traditional theatre with its usual stage and numbered seating. With our Urban Theatre we want to break down the fourth wall; we offer no dark seats to hide or fall asleep in and our audience has no choice but to pay attention, relate to their surroundings and get acquainted with the actors. In return, we offer our spectators an alternative community for them to reflect in and debate topical matters.